Marine Structures Design Services

Porter Consulting Engineers, P.C. (PCE) develops engineered solutions and designs for a broad range of marine projects. PCE recognizes and understands the unique demands of marine projects, and we bring the experience necessary to effectively meet these demands.

A brief listing of the private and Port Authority marine project services provided by PCE is provided as follows:

  • Shoreline Condition Assessment and Stabilization Design
  • Pier and Wharf Design
  • Sea Wall Design
  • Marina Design
  • Liftwell Design
  • Boat Launch/Ramp Design
  • Jetty and Groin Design
  • Dry Dock Maintenance and Rehabilitation Design
  • Boardwalk and Shoreline Enhancement Planning/Design
  • Construction Management and Administration

PCE provides the professional resources to meet the unique demands of your marine projects.

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